EmissionX is focused on the portfolio sustainability management and on taxonomy as below:
- Provides a classification system for sustainable economic activities.
- Aims to channel investments into activities that can be considered environmentally and socially sustainable.
- Provides clarity on which activities are sustainable and can help prevent "greenwashing."


EmissionX is proposing a focus to Scope 3- Supply Chain Management where resides more than 90% of the emissions. The emission resource are as below:

Purchased goods and services (including product manufacturing)
Upstream transportation and distribution
End-of-life treatment of sold products
Use of sold products
Business travel and employee commuting


Facilities management (FM) encompasses various services and systems for building and property management, focusing on key emission sources. EmissionX analyzes emissions comprehensively and offers solutions to address environmental challenges and legal obligations.

Energy Consumption
Water Heating and Management
Waste Management


The main resources analyzed, and focused are as following:

Energy Consumption in Data Centers and Network Operations
Use of Sold Products (Scope 3)
Network Deployment and Maintenance (Scope 3)