EmissionX provides an integrated solution for companies aiming to streamline their sustainability practices and reporting. The software is segmented into Basic and Advanced modules, catering to diverse needs and complexities of sustainability management. In the context of the requirements of more functions able to support the sustainability effort, EmissionX stands out as a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to enhance their sustainability practices, offering a range of tools and features that cater to both foundational and advanced sustainability needs. The software's adaptability, combined with its commitment to standards compliance and strategic integration, positions it as an asset for companies navigating the complexities of sustainability management, reporting, accounting and decarbonization. EmissionX is valuable tool for bridging the gap between management consulting and software interpretation the field of sustainability.




At the basic level, the data module is handled through file exchange. Data models can be downloaded, filled manually or automatically via APIs, and then uploaded into the system. This solution is suitable for companies with available and controlled sustainability data.

Monitoring & Reporting

EmissionX is proposing a real time reporting and a technology that allows formal simultaneously reporting using GHG, GRI, EFRAG (CSRD) standards.

Strategic management

Management: It is a module originally created by Enterteq experts that aims to integrate the management into the sustainability framework related to carbon emissions. It is a framework designed after balanced scorecard and activity based-costing approaches.



This advanced data module adopts a plug-and-play approach, integrating machine learning and AI for data collection, Blockchain Technology for traceability and trust. EDataLab also features a powerful engagement wall for ecosystem actors, offering various motivational tools

Advanced Strategic Management

The key performance indicators and the relations among them are administrated by a machine learning module. After the training period of time the module is becoming more coherent and a valuable management app

Sustainability Accounting

It is an advanced tool that allocate the carbon emissions to each product and service delivered to the market. Knowledge of the core process is required and therefore the module might be consulting intensive.


the decarbonization module contains a set of separate applications specific to industries. EmissionsX contains a set of decarbonization applications for banking, retail, manufacturing, facilities management and telco. Mode industries specific applications will be added soon.